Concierge Services

At Holidays Europe Rentals we offer a range of additional services and assistance to help you get the most out of your stay. If you have any requests or would like to arrange something not mentioned below, please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate any request.


We can easily arrange for a private driver to pick you up at the airport or train station, and bring you to the apartment. Departure transfers from the apartment to the airport or train station can also be arranged.


There is so much to see, do and learn in Paris, and this can be overwhelming for some. Let us put you in contact with some of the most knowledgeable experts and guides. Our experts are well versed in everything that Paris has to offer, from the museums to food! Prices vary.

How about a day’s ride in the comfort of a private car to Monet”s studio/house in Giverny, Versailles, or to a castle in the Loire, or a trip to Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam? We can arrange this for you. Prices vary.

Instead of spending countless, exhausting hours trying to find the right store where you can buy the perfect outfit why not have a personal shopper do it for you? Or even better, tag along with them and discover the best and sometimes not well-known places for shopping in Paris. Save some precious hours that could be used for other things like a visit to a museum or sampling a new restaurant’s fares! Prices vary.


Paris is a city full of wonderful and sumptuous restaurants, and it is understandable how Paris has become a food capital. So let us reserve a table for you at a restaurant of your choice or we can recommend a restaurant based on your choice of food, atmosphere, and location.


Are you traveling with your family and feel like going out for the evening by yourself? We can arrange for a trustworthy, bilingual babysitter to look after the children while you enjoy your night out. Prices from 10€ an hour.


Feeling stressed? Or perhaps a bit achy after your long flight? We can arrange for you to have a massage at your apartment.

If you like to keep in shape and want to spend a few hours with a personal trainer we can arrange this for you.

Are you staying in Paris and feel like improving your French? We can arrange for a private tutor to meet you at your apartment or perhaps at a museum or café and help you improve your French skills.

You would like to entertain guests at the apartment but don’t have the time or feeling the mood for cooking a meal? No problem! We can have a Chef come to your apartment and prepare the perfect meal for you with class and finesse.